Jellyfish, lizards and that’s just what was in my beard

I shaved my face. After a few months growing the Australian bush on my cheeks I decided I couldn’t keep up with the maintenance- not only that the weather is nearing the mid-twenties now and it’s like wearing a Koala on my face.

We took a walk today down to Casuarina beach and saw a lot of pretty cool wildlife in a relatively short morning. First, there were dolphins swimming around near the shallows- too far away to get a decent photo of, but pretty amazing nonetheless. Being the uninitiated foreigner I am, I probably would have mistaken them for sharks had my native sister not pointed them out to me first.

As we walked further along the beach we spotted this bad boy:


Naturally, we took some pictures whilst running away from the tide as it came back in. It’s not everyday you see a beached jellyfish- even in Australia. The eco-friendly thing to do would have been to throw it back in the ocean, but 1. I didn’t want to spend my morning pissing on myself (I couldn’t decide between an R Kelly or  F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference here, so you get neither) and 2. Mother Nature is a cold-blooded force, so I’m not gonna interrupt evolution and incur the wrath of the universe’s strongest independent woman since Michelle Obama. Sorry Squishy, survival of the fittest.

The beaches in Australia really are something to behold- you can walk for miles and not see anybody on some days. There’s nothing like looking out onto the Pacific and seeing the waves come crashing onto the shore- you have to be an accomplished swimmer and know what a rip looks like to even dare swim or surf without a lifeguard present.

After the beach we went to the park and saw plenty of geckos running around, and a frilled-neck lizard just chilling in a shrub:


These creatures are great, they just sit there soaking up the sun and silently judge you as you take pictures of them. This one probably tweeted “fucking tourist” as I walked away, that’s what you get for not camouflaging properly little dragon- if I was a predator you’d be fucked. Survival of the fittest at play once again. 

The weather here has been stunning the last few days, nothing like how it was when I wrote my last post. In other news I’ve passed my RSA, which was a mind-numbing online course I needed to pass before I could legally work behind a bar in NSW. It’s pretty easy, but I have to agree with my brother-in-law when he says it’s just a pointless rigmarole designed to earn the government more money. I start work on Friday night, so I can start earning some more dollar to travel with in November. I’ve almost planned the trip now so I’ll be chasing down all of my Aussie contacts soon for places to stay and places to see- if you have any ideas for stopovers then I’d love to hear them!

I promised I’d keep this post short, so I’ll wrap it up here and update again in a few days.

Goodbye my lovers, goodbye my friends and RIP Squishy


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