Hospitality, cycling and climbing a mountain

Ten things I’ve learned since I started working in hospitality:

  1. Kids are messy. Familes are messy. People are messy.
  2. When glass shatters, it SHATTERS.
  3. Dropping something is the equivalent of finding out somedbody’s mum’s first name at school. It shouldn’t be cause for ridicule or humour, but it is and we don’t question the reason why.
  4. It’s less about beach babes and more about beer bellies.
  5. Giving someone good head behind the bar is extremely important in Australia. Heh.
  6. Making cocktails is easy, but people will treat you like a God if you make a good one.
  7. Being elbow deep in a cocktail of food, drink and kitchenware is good practice if you ever want to work as a plumber.
  8. People will literally eat one chip and be done with their entire meal.
  9. Customers who also work in hospitality who pile the dishes up exactly how you like them are the real MVP.
  10. Sober people have excellent banter, drunk people do not.

I’m nearly 3 weeks in and I love this place more every day. I’ve been cycling a lot this week, I took a small ride up to Hastings Point (10k round trip) and doubled it a couple of days later with a ride to Cabarita (20k round trip). Cycling in Australia is so easy because of the width of the roads and the fact there are cycle/pedestrian shared paths pretty much everywhere. It’s given me the opportunity to spend some quiet time by myself, take everything in and do a bit of reading and writing, which I’ve been neglecting for months.

It’s difficult to find the time or the inspiration when you’re stuck in a routine  of doing the same things everyday, so it’s been great to finally have the chance to think freely and put some effort into my hobbies. Before this I’ve been working a minimum of 45 hours per week since I left Uni- now a lot of people would stick their nose up at that and rightly so, I know people work a lot harder and a lot longer for a lot less, which makes me appreciate this time I’ve got now all the more.

The bike has been my main mode of getting around lately, and it’s great to finally be getting around and exploring the surrounding areas while I save money for my proper travelling later on this year. I’m going to keep going further and further away and back again and see how far I can go without my legs falling off.

The hospitality list above was just a bit of fun, I really love where I work and the fact that I’m always busy, doing different things and constantly on my feet. I used to get home from work after bashing the phones and my head would be ringing and too mentally drained to do anything other then get a few pints down me. This is different, it’s simpler work- more body than mind- but I feel good tired when I get home and my brain is much more alert.

It’s been a reflective week, which is probably why this post is longer than normal, but I’m just feeling very content with everything. I’m settled in, earning money and keeping active when I’m not working. I’m writing loads and reading more than I have in ages. The only thing really bugging me is that I stayed up until 4am this morning to watch Arsenal limp to a 0-0 draw with Leicester, but hay-ho, that’s a disappointment I’ve grown very used to.

In other news I’ll be climbing Mount Warning in 3 weeks time on September 11th, so I’ll be sure to post some cool pictures of the sunrise on Facebook/Instagram and record some of the story for snapchat as well. It’s going to be a tough one on the legs, but a few more weeks of cycling will hopefully help with that. Those who view the sunrise from Mount Warning are the first people in Australia to see it apparently, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I have an Australian phone now so I can document more of my travels as I go and branch out further and further. You can add/follow me for pictures or to just see me mime songs with a snapchat filter below:

Snapchat: jamesinaus

Instagram: malzjames

Again, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve all had a cracking week.

Laters babes.


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