Rock pools, waterfalls and other things that should rhyme

I’m in a good mood today, so I thought I’d write a blog.

It’s always better writing in a good mood. Words flow a little bit easier and humour comes a little bit lighter.

It’s been a pretty cool week, I spent my first day in Surfer’s Paradise, swam underneath a waterfall and did my first scuba dive in a river.

Surfer’s is a cool city. Despite the wind blowing sand in my face (and my beer), you can see why it attracts tourists from all over Australia. The beaches are beautiful and backed up by a Miami-style line of hotel buildings and skyscrapers. The bars and restaurants are plentiful, with so many craft beers that it’ll make your head spin- literally, some of these beers are 9%.

You can tell that this place would be rocking in summer, with tourists as far as the eye can see and a good park rarer than a steak tartare. I’ll be seeing Surfer’s next month on my trip, so the next time I see it, it will be soaked in sun rather than torrential downpour, but I’m thankful there was a lot of rain that night.

The reason for that is the next day I went to Currumbin Valley rock pools, and the heavy rain the night before contributed to a happy and healthy waterfall and swimming hole. After carefully stepping down onto the gentle slope, I eventually eased myself into the water, which could only be described at the time as “bloody fucking cold!” The water was so fresh that you could drink it, and I did- it was pretty damn good too.

I wasn’t the only one enjoying a thirst quencher, as the leech that attached itself to my leg got a nice gulp of my blood before I did  something similar to this and shook him off:


That’s not even an embellishment. I think I made the “ew” sound as well. I’m ashamed.

About five minutes later a march fly gave me another nibble and I decided that I’m far too delicious for this country.

ANYWAY. The water was beautiful- crystal clear from the valley to the beach. It’s these types of places in Australia that make the country what it is. It’s not just the beautiful landscapes, it’s the little things. The small, tucked away little hideaways that aren’t dominated by tourists or covered in health and safety regulations. The thought process in the UK is “health and safety overload so we don’t get in trouble”, whereas the Aussies are a bit more like “if you die then it’s you’re own fault ya idiot.” Which I agree with. It keeps national parks beautiful, relatively untouched by industry and as serene as if you were sitting there a thousand years before.


After the freezing cold water of the rock pools, it was a relief to get into the river with a wetsuit at 21 degree surface temperature. This was my first river dive, so I was nervous in a new environment, but I eventually got used to it and had a beautiful day out by Tweed River. It’s a little over a month until my dive in Cairns, so I need as much practice as I can get before coming face to face with one of the most beautiful natural wonders of our world.

The excitement is real.

In fairness, I saw some pretty good fish in Tweed River as it was, but I can only imagine the kinds of tropical craziness I’m going to witness when I’m at the Great Barrier Reef. My trip is getting jam packed now, with skydives, scuba dives, parasailing, jet skiing and various other activities all planned. I’ll be seeing a lot of Australia in a very short time, and it’s almost 10 days until I start!

Now comes the boring stuff, prepping, buying shit and packing. But I also get to create playlists for my journey down, so that’s going to be occupying me for the next week or so while I count down the clock. Thank you, Spotify.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but fear not loyal readers, as you will hear from me every single ruddy day in November. You lucky lemming drops, you.

Once again, thank you for reading!

Goodbye, and don’t go chasing waterfalls.

IG: malzjames

SC: jamesinaus




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