Aussie Road Trip: Byron Bay

Well, I didn’t win any money on the Melbourne Cup, and my dreams of living my trip in luxury vanished like Who Shot the Barman as the gates flung open. Despite that, the trip has started very well indeed!

I love Byron Bay. Not in the whole hippie vibe sort of way, but in general it really is a beautiful place with lovely, down to earth people. Sure you get the odd vegan and other undesirables, but for the most part it’s just chilled out locals and backpackers who just want to spend some time in a beautiful part of the world.

There’s a big sense of community in Byron. Monique (my wonderful host) and I were chatting to a guy at the Beach Hotel who held a “pay it forward” way of thinking. There seems to be this selfless ideology of giving even if you have nothing to give and always giving someone a hand up when they need it.

This guy was saying how he’d always give someone a hand up because “nobody should go without.” This wasn’t a particularly rich guy, he was just a chippy who liked to help people. On top of that he told us he’d always been paid back by those he helped, even though he never asked for it.

That for me is what this community is about. It’s not about sitting around a a campfire talking about the spirits of the earth, it’s as simple as people helping people because they can, because you never know when you might need help yourself.

This is an important concept for me, because I’m couchsurfing and backpacking and generally relying a lot on the generosity of people in order to see Australia on a modest budget. It makes me want to do the same for people when I’m in a position to host, because I know how important it is to pay it back by paying it forward.

Besides, it can’t hurt your Karma balance either!

Today has been a beautiful day. I took a walk early this morning down to Tallow Creek, a quaint and quiet spot with river reeds on one side and the beach on the other. The waves are raucous and the wind hits you from all angles because you don’t have the protection that the bay on the other side of the lighthouse provides.

You wouldn’t swim in the water unless you had a death wish, but that’s what the bay is for. The water was again crystal clear and the sun was beaming down and slowly but surely tanning me a slightly darker shade of white.

In less than an hour we will be heading to the Stone and Wood Brewery for a tour and a cheeky bevvy, so more on that tomorrow! Tonight we will be heading to the Eltham Hotel with the legendary Bernman to sing and join in with the rockstars of Lismore.

Keep a watch out for the next blog tomorrow, but for now I’m off to breathe more life into what’s already started out as a fantastic trip!

Thanks for reading!

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

SC: Jamesinaus

IG: malzjames


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