Aussie Road Trip: Breweries and Bongs

What a fantastic trip it’s been so far.Thank you again to Mon who has put up with me the last couple of days, given me a couch and given me an awesome ttur of Byron Bay.

Yesterday afternoon was awesome. The heat is really starting to pick up and what better way to quench one’s thirst then to be given a guided tour around a local brewery. Stone & Wood has been my favourite beer since I arrived, and it really was an excellent experience getting to know the brewing process and the history behind the company’s growth.

They represent the Byron community, they are a local company who work with local companies and give back to their communities. They avoid outsourcing to corporate breweries and reject buyouts like a sober girl in a club rejects drunk men. Not even flattered, just a little disgusted.

The beer is beautiful and varied, but all of it is refreshing. It’s beer made for their people, the surfers and the swimmers who need a respite from the intense Australian sun. Their staff really are passionate about their beer and its reflected in the final product.

This place makes Byron Bay look like Wall Street. A rainbow covered mountain village with wild west architecture and hemp promotion every 5 yards is the sort of place that is taken straight out of the 60s. Dye shirts are almost as easy to get your hands on as certain natural remedies, and the town isn’t shy about admitting it.

I’d recommend absolutely everybody gives this place a visit. It really is a different world full of vibrant, eccentric and friendly people. Everything is about the environment, the community or the green stuff and it really does give off a different vibe to everywhere I’ve been before!
After frolicing in fantasy land, we retreated to Lismore for some live blue grass music complete with banjos and violins in a great little country pub. Bernard even showed me his lookalike at the pub and I couldn’t resist getting this snap…

The hat was his idea.

Thank you for reading!

Bye bye bye, ba barbara ann

IG: malzjames

SC: jamesinaus


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