Aussie Road Trip: Country Music and Blue Grass Bogans

I’ve never been particularly musically adept. In fact, anybody who knows me well from uni will know about The Separate Rooms- a failed attempt at musical excellence which peaked with a capacity 7 person gig in halls in front of our stoned friends.
I’ve had people teach me a few chords on the guitar, but name one popular song with only 3 chords? (LOL rock n roll joke).

So when Bernard and his pal sat on the veranda with two guitars and a harmonica, needless to say I immediately refused the offer to join in, until they assured me that it’s almost impossible to play a wrong note on it.

The next day I had the song ‘Runaway’ by Kanye West stuck in my brain, so to alleviate the annoyance I started pushing keys on the piano until I got the first note, then the second, then I recreated the intro. It’s incredibly simple, but it’s a good feeling to mimic something and something clicks – almost like a child saying their first word, only in this case nobody is proud of you and you just look like some sort of overly excited Labrador.

Bernard heard my poor playing and decided to teach me a few chords on the piano and other things I knew nothing about when it came to music. It opened up my musical world a bit more and I carried on my learnings of the Bern man.

Before I left this morning for Coffs Harbour, we went to see a favourite country singer of his at the local worker’s club. It was awesome. The band was great and the dance floor was filled with couples in dancing shoes and cowboy boots. It looked more like the southern United States than NSW, Australia.

As always when leaving Bernards, I left with a heavy heart as I always have a lot of fun and learn a lot about basically everything. This trip was no different and I look forward to our next adventures.

Thanks again for Merella for letting  me crash and to Bernard for the grand tour of Lismore and its surrounds.

I’m going to go eat dinner with my wonderful hosts in Coffs Harbour and enjoy the company of the awesome pup! You’re gonna have to follow me on snapchat for a peak at this beautiful canine @jamesinaus.

Thanks for reading!

Ciao for now.

IG: malzjames

SC: jamesinaus


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