Aussie Road Trip: Bushfires and Tired Tyres

Morning, UK and afternoon, Australia.Writing these blogs from my phone is more challenging than I thought. In fact it felt like such a chore yesterday that I didn’t even do it. Though as yesterday was my only rest day in the last 8, I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

I had a little smile to myself in the car on the way to Newcastle, as it finally sank in that I was doing what I’ve been dreaming of since I was 17. It was a long drive to Newcastle from Coffs Harbour- 4 hours 30 minutes in total, but it made my 2 hour drive to Sydney today much more bearable.

The drive could have been much worse though, as the bushfires that smothered much of the bush around Gloucester caused the Pacific Highway to close and the remenants of burned away trees lined the road. I couldn’t get any pictures, but if you want to know what burned forest looks like just Google Map search USA after the election and you’ll get an idea of the damage.

Once I was passed the smoking trees, it wasn’t long before I met with my Canadian host, Jon at his home in Hamilton- just outside of Newcastle. Jon was an incredibly interesting guy who works as a flight simulator trainer, teaching aspiring pilots how to fly. His walls are lined with medals, photos and aviation memorabilia after over 20 years serving in the Canadian military. There wasn’t the air of a lieutenant about him though, he was a calm, mild – mannered guy with a genuinely fascinating life story.

It was a great stopover, and one that I desperately needed after the driving.

On my way to Sydney, I took some detours through the mountains and drove through Peats Ridge, Mount White and finally Brooklyn where the Hawkesbury River runs through.

I sat by the marina with a coffee and met some other travellers who were passing through on their journey south, they were from Western Australia so that’s like someone from the UK having a holiday in Dubai! 

I arrived in Sydney at about 1pm and have already been fed and watered (as my parents warned me would be the case) by my relatives Judy and Voni who have been kind enough to let me stay for the night before I head to the city for 3 nights in a hostel.

I’m going to get off my phone now and be social, so I will keep you updated again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

Goodbye, and pray for America!

IG: malzjames

SC: jamesinaus


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