Aussie Road Trip: The Wonderful World of People

Sydney is a wonderful city with a diverse and multi-cultural vibe that perfectly compliments the laid back Aussie outlook. I met with other backpackers on my second day and we did what all good travellers do- get drunk and make poor decisions. It’s been 3 days since my last blog, so of course today‘s is going to be jammed with info! 

Before we did that however, we did get a chance to know each other quite well. It started with just myself and a German student called Johannes. After a failed mission to reach Bondi Beach. We had a good laugh about our poor sense of direction and grasp of the Sydney transport system. We then met up with Gina, a South Korean business student and enjoyed happy hour at a nice pub in the city. We were eventually joined by Elena (a Spanish traveller in the midst of a world tour), Babsi (a friendly Austrian girl working as an Au Pair) and Fredrik (a Swedish guy we kept losing throughout the trip).

I would tell you about the night out, but I have lost all memory of it and have banned any discussion of my awful behaviour.

Upon waking up it was a relief to discover that I didn’t lose any of my newly acquainted friends, as it’s been a while since I’ve compiled a mass apology text and no longer have the template.

 I met with Elena to visit Manly, a scenic peninsula north of Sydney harbour. We took pictures from the ferry, walked along its famous sandy beaches and swam in the gloriously warm water. From there, we took a impromptu walk up to the cliffs and stood on the edge of the world.

After many selfies and great landscape shots we hiked to the memorial point through waves of flies and thirty degree heat. What we found was well worth the walk, a stunning cityscape greeted us as we reached the peak and took in the remarkable views as the sun prepared its setting. The walk down was a long one, by luckily we were rescued by a kindly Australian woman who took us the rest of the way to the wharf. Yet another shining example of the kindness you receive in this part of the world.

We met up again with the group and what turned out to be an eleven-strong group of couch surfers, backpackers and locals. We had our previous international posse with the addition of a Pole,an American, a Canadian, an Indian, an Indonesian Cypriot and a few more Germans. 

The highlight of yet another drunken mess was me swapping my shoes with Arno, who couldn’t get in the club because of his footwear, despite its similarity to my own. The genius plan was poorly executed and resulted in all of us being kicked out, but even the bouncer couldn’t hide his smile. It was worth a try.

Waking up this morning and checking out of the Hostel was a struggle, with memories of a failed attempt to chat up a German girl and the smell of the house punch leaking from my skin causing me strife. It was cured by a meeting with my Aunt Bev, whom is graciously allowing me to use her iPad to write this.

We wandered into Newtown for the local festival, ate, drank and told each other stories about our experiences with the Malzard clan. It was super easy, and felt just like catching up with an old friend. We also bumped into Johannes, Babsi and Arno who were also at the festival. It was awesome catching up with them one last time before I set off for the snowy mountains tomorrow. It’s even better knowing that they also have plans to see the Gold Coast, so our journey together doesn’t have to end quite so soon.

It will be bittersweet for me leaving Sydney tomorrow, as I have met some wonderful, interesting people and new friends and it’s sad to leave them so soon, but I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my Uncle Garry and Aunt Cath up in the Snowy Mountains and learning more about my incredible family history. 

I will be back soon with another update. Thank you again to Judy, Voni and Bev for having me and being amazing company, and to my new friends who have given me so many awesome memories. Safe travels and come visit sometime.

Thanks for reading!

Auf Wiedersehen

SC: jamesinaus

IG: malzjames


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