Aussie Road Trip: Driving Down the Mountains

I’m currently lying in my hostel bunk bed, recuperating from a lot of driving. Almost 8 hours of it in two days in fact. But despite my tiredness, I have still managed to see some unbelievable views since I left the mountains yesterday afternoon.

In that sense, this has been the best drive of the trip- by a mile. The views are incredible and you descend so quickly through the mountains that your ears start popping on the way down- a very strange feeling.

I spent last night in Bairnsdale, a quiet country town where every bar shut at half 8. Luckily I managed to grab a few beers before the city went on lockdown as the sun had barely finished setting.

The drive to Melbourne was less spectacular, but arriving here was easy as. It’s a beautiful city, with the feel of Manchester as opposed to London and the free tram is very helpful.

I spent the afternoon at the beach with my new friend, Andrea. A masters student from Mexico who introduced me to St. Kilda- where I will be doing my Skydive in a few days time. As petrified as I am, it is nice to see the place where I will be landing as it is a very pretty part of town.

This is only a short blog as tales since the mountains have been few and far between, but I will update again soon when I have regained some energy. The sleepiness of this blog is a reflection of my own at the moment, so hold out for when you see me falling out of a plane on video 🙂
Thanks for reading!

Goodbye, and wake me up in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “Aussie Road Trip: Driving Down the Mountains

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