Aussie Road Trip: The Great Ocean Road

Wow. Of all of the things I’ve done in Australia, this has to be up there with my favourites and most recommended. The Great Ocean road is a beautiful drive from Torquay to Allansford and features some of the most unique and awe-inspiring coastal landscspe views in Australia.

I met up with Robert, Linzy and Shauna in Melbourne for the adventure of a lifetime. We headed to Geelong from the city and got a few snaps of the pier and the water, blissfully unaware that we would happily discard of these if we ran out of memory space for what was to come.

The first truly stunning view we encountered was in Anglesea, the lookout point provided us with our first opportunity for selfies and hashtagging.

After Anglesea, we spent some time on the beach, trying to figure out what the translucent jelly in the sand was. After a few inappropriate jokes, this group of relative strangers began joking like old friends.

It didn’t take long before we were getting involved in singalongs to every 90s pop classic and telling disgraceful stories about ourselves.

The road itself is a phenomenal drive with twists and tight turns around the curves of the cliffs that look out across the ocean. It takes you through rainforest and national parks, steep hills and gradient drops that make your ears pop.

We saw beautiful creeks…

And lush green fields packed with cows and sheep.

And with every corner, the road gave our eyes something new to be spoiled with. We stopped over in Lorne to walk the pier…

And then stopped in Apollo Bay for some grub…

We stopped at Apollo Bay as this was the last pit stop before the main event- The 12 Apostles.

It took another hour or so from here to reach these marvels, but I cannot begin to explain just how worth it it was. These juts of rock have been created over hundreds of millions years of erosion as waves have cut through the softer limestone layers, leaving the hardened limestone standing majestically like statues in the sea.

I was a little bit cheeky and climbed the fence in order to take these pictures, but as with any natural wonder, there are tourists everywhere and its hard to get a good shot, so I’m glad I managed to get these unobstructed views. It was a big drop though, and this picture gives you an idea of it…

I wasn’t as brave as the two lads who climbed to the larger cliff edge further up though, but that’s something I do not regret doing as although the pictures would have been awesome, I know for a fact I would have done something stupid and fallen off the thing!

After the 12 Apostles is a lookout spot almost every 500 metres. You can see Loch and Gorge…

The Thunder Cave…

Then there’s London Bridge…

Not forgetting The Arch…

And the absolutely gorgeous sight; The Grotto (I will spare you the pain of watching us do gangster poses on this part).

We spread the viewing of these geological beauties across two days and spent the night in the Port Campbell Hostel, where we sat by the beach at sunset and drank local beers until we were suitably intoxicated.

Port Campbell is a beautiful little town that experiences a high level of tourist activity due to its location by the 12 Apostles. It is quaint and quiet, but it makes for a wonderful atmosphere, especially in a friendly hostel with people from all over the world drinking, laughing and playing guitar long into the night.

It was an incredible drive and an experience I wont soon forget, I met some unbelievably fun people and had the best possible time, so thank you to Robert, Linzy and Shauna for joining me on one of the best adventures of my life.

If you decide to drive the Great Ocean Road, then I just have one piece of advice, do it with awesome people and savour every view, every laugh and every moment, because this is going to be unforgettable.

Thanks for reading!

Goodbye and drive safe.

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