Aussie Road Trip: Penguins, pesky planes and the number 76

I’m currently making the most of Melbourne Airport’s free wifi because I’m a tit and arrived here 4 hours before my flight- bit keen. So with 2 hours before I can even drop my bags off, I’m going to entertain you wonderful readers and Facebook scrollers.

Melbourne has been a hoot. I cannot accurately describe just how warm this city is, and I’m not talking about the climate. I have never been welcomed to a city quite like I have here, and that’s a credit to the people and the genuine positivity about where they live.

So before I get into the blog, thank you again to everybody I met in Melbourne, especially Adam and Adrian who put me up in their slick apartment for three nights, and Robert, Shauna and Linzy for joining me on the Great Ocean Road- wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Moving on from this vomit-inducing outpouring of emotion, we have some sad news as my skydive was cancelled. Stormy conditions in Victoria meant that all dives were cancelled, and to be fair, the conditions probably couldn’t be much worse for it. Low-hanging cloud, fog, rain and wind in Victoria’s capital gave me PTSD flashbacks of England in winter.
Alas, there is little to fear, as my backup location of Byron Bay is in a phase of sunny day after sunny day, so lookout for a Skydiving blog around early December sometime.

I know what you’re thinking if you’ve read this far…”get to the fucking penguins already.” So here they are…

The picture is a little dark because you can’t use flash photography around them, but being here is much more about the experience- the sound of their calls as they try to reuinite with their mates after their travels, watching them swim and waddle up onto the boardwalk.
They don’t even seem to notice everybody there either, but I suppose they have just adapted to it over the years. They really are very sweet creatures, and seeing them in the wild is something special when you’ve lived your entire life in the Northern Hemisphere.

As good as the penguins were, I have to give special mention to the walk back to the beach from the pier. In a tipsy game of “odds are” I said jokingly to Shauna; “Odds are you jump in (the sea).” She gave me rather poor odds of 100 to 1 before..”3…2…1…76!” in unison.

The fishermen couldn’t understand why this caused us to react like we’d just seen a David Blaine trick, but considering this game had become a staple of our trip, it was a big moment.

Credit to Shauna, she followed through and jumped into three feet of water wearing jeans, which I’m guessing still haven’t dried looking at the weather. I’m gonna miss these guys, but after that, I don’t think the feeling will be mutual 😉

I’ll leave you with my favourite picture of these broards- enjoy Sydney guys.

There’s not much else to talk about for now as most of my time in the city the last couple of days has been spent drinking, eating amazing food and spending time with wonderful people. Some moments are best kept away from a public blog, because for me that’s what travelling is about. It’s not what you see and what you do, it’s who you see and do it with.
On that note, I’m going to buy a $10 sandwich and look at memes until my flight to CAIRNS!!!

Thank you for reading!

Goodbye and travel well.

IG: malzjames

SC : jamesinaus


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