BLOG UPDATE: New Look, New Content and New Zealand

Family, friends, loyal readers and new readers- thank you for following this blog and keeping up with my adventures so far in Australia. I love sharing my experiences with you all and I’m so glad that you enjoy the content that I’m putting out. I’ve only been doing this for about four months, but I feel like I am starting to find my rhythm as a blogger and your encouragement keeps me wanting to produce more.

With that in mind, I have decided to up the ante. I wasn’t overly happy with the previous blog design and everything was a bit too basic, so I have found one that better reflects my vision for this website. You will now find a category section on the sidebar, where you can find specific blogs based on the content within them and a link to my Instragram (@malzjames) not too far away on the right-hand side of the main page.

Along with the change in design, I will also be bringing a new style of blogging. So far you have been following my personal journey through Australia, and while these posts will still be posted (and categorised under the ‘personal’ tag), I will now also provide you with more informative articles based on the places I have travelled to. These posts will aim to inform and help travellers and tourists better understand the area, find hidden gems and learn what to expect whether they are having a rest-stop, climbing a mountain or taking a city break.

The next few months are going to be a bit more scarce of new personal adventures because of my work schedule, so I will start writing  about places and experiences that I’ve already encountered in Australia, but structured as an article for my fellow travellers as opposed to personal renditions that are more geared towards my friends and family.

Lastly, I teased in my last post that my next trip wouldn’t be an Aussie adventure, and that’s because I’m in the process of booking an adrenaline-junkie tour of New Zealand for 12 days in March/April. This is going to be a hectic trip, full of adventure and beautiful landscapes, so keep a lookout for that and I will keep you updated on the activities I plan while I’m there.

Thank you once again for reading and being a part of this adventure!

Lookout for my next blog TOMORROW detailing what to look out for in legendary BYRON BAY! 

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IG: malzjames


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