PREFACE: I wanted to preface this blog post by sending my love to all of those affected by the Westminster Attack. I have crossed that bridge a hundred times and know that many of my close friends and family have done the same. As of right now, nobody I know has been personally devastated by the tragedy, which I’m hoping remains the same. I wish everybody injured a full recovery and my thoughts are with the friends and families of those who have died.


In the past few months there is a place I have been to twice since I was introduced to it. Killen Falls is one of the many natural wonders available in Northern Rivers, NSW. Just south of Byron Bay in a place called Titenbar, surrounded by plenty of cows, but unfortunately very few tits and very few bars, sits a picturesque waterfall just a short drive off the Byron Bay exit off the Pacific Highway.

The spot is easy to find with Google Maps and is just a short walk through the bush and down a relatively steep slope down towards the rock pool. Because of the walk downward, you get a great view both at the top of the waterfall and in the rock pool itself- perfect for getting that Instagram snap (totally bragging, but mine is pretty damn good- @malzjames if you wanna check it out). Once you reach the bottom, it’s usually pretty packed with people. It’s not everywhere in the world where you can get your picture taken standing underneath a waterfall, but the reality is starkly different from what we portray- as the water doesn’t feel like a refreshing spray or Mileen Klass in the jungle, rather it is more like having tiny pebbles dropped mercilessly onto your head by people who most definitely do not wish you well. That was a long sentence. Have a couple of shorties to break it up. And this one. There we go.


The water itself isn’t exactly tropical clear, in fact it is pretty murky, but that’s mainly due to the colour of the rocks that the water picks up and drags down into the pool. Don’t let this put you off though, as it is unbelievably refreshing on a hot day as long as you take it slow and don’t smash yourself into the many hidden rocks underneath the water. It’s good for a swim and if you go any time other than summer holidays, then it’s gonna be relatively quiet and peaceful.

If you’re not fond of the water, then the cave underneath the waterfall is easily accessible without getting yourself soaked and this is where you’re gonna get some good snaps and would also be pretty nice if you just wanted some chill time with a book or your thoughts. You’re not going to find anything else here- be warned it is just a waterfall. But it is one of the nicest, most calming spots I have been in, and considering how close it is to Byron Bay, it is perfect for a half-day trip or even just a detour if you’re strapped for time. Cheap, cheerful and absolutely stunning- sounds to me like the perfect date.

This isn’t by any means a full-day tour or a thrill-seekers dream, but it is a quaint little spot that promises more than expected and will offer you a chance to sit back and take in the beauty that this region has to offer. These are the sort of places that you’ll brag about when you get home, I can promise you that.

Thank you for reading.

Goodbye and fall deep.

SC: jamesinaus

IG: malzjames


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