Back in January, a group of us decided to go up to O’Reillys to camp for a couple of nights for a friend’s birthday. Due to my blogging hiatus, I never really wrote about it, which is a shame because it was an awesome weekend and I have some cracking pictures that I should probably share with the cool people who follow this blog.

If you follow this blog religiously (LOL) then you’ve probably seen a blog mentioning O’Reillys before, because I went up there for a day just before my road trip in November. That trip included a short hike up to Moran Falls and then a bit of time feeding the rosellas, but being there over a couple of days allowed us to venture further into the mountains and do a few more bits and pieces.

We started the trip by going up the public-funded four-wheel drive track that takes around three hours to navigate. Be warned, this track is 4WD for a reason- you will not get up this thing in anything less than a SUV. Luckily, we had this fucker to travel up in…


It was an awesome drive up with plenty of spots to test the endurance of the car and with enough muddy puddles to paint the Jeep the true colour of a 4×4- brown. On top of that it also allowed us sneaky views like this one…


After the track, we spent the next few hours setting up camp, drinking and deciding what we were going to do. As I’d been up to Moran Falls before, I immediately wanted to show everyone the sights as it is to this day one of the most spectacular sights I’ve seen in all of Australia.

There was a bit of scepticism when we were hiking to the viewpoint, but I have to admit that I was feeling a little bit smug once we got there and everyone was blown away by this absolutely stunning bit of scenery. It made the walk back almost as satisfying as sitting on the top of the waterfall and watching everyone take in the views, relaxing and enjoying a beautiful few moments.


After getting chewed on by a fire ant and sleeping on what could only be described as Satan’s idea of a sleeping spot, the next day offered a bit more adventure. We wanted to have a bit of fun, so we decided to do the flying fox up through the trees at the resort. Despite the fact that we had to walk up a five-hundred foot hill (maybe a slight exaggeration) to get to the starting point, it was definitely worth it- I think if you’re going to do something like this, the higher you are the better anyway.


Walking back from the zipline was also pretty special, as we encountered a gorgeous sunset from the top of the mountains, and as soon as the sun went down the stars were out in force. I wish I had a good enough camera/the skills to use it to show you how many there were that night, but because of my limited technological savvy, you’re just gonna have to take my word for it…it was insane!


It really was an awesome couple of days and although I’m telling you about what we did, it was the stuff we didn’t do that really made the trip. There’s nothing quite like sitting around a full Esky with some good friends just talking shit, drinking and having a laugh without any phone signal and just each other for company. I will remember those two days as being one of the most chilled out and easy experiences I’ve had since I’ve been here, and was one of the best escapes I’ve had from the real world in a long time.

Recently, as I’ve been moving more towards the final third of my visit, I’ve been thinking more and more about two things. One is how much I have realised I love and appreciate the part of the world I’m living in, but two, just how much of my own country that I haven’t seen or visited. There are literally thousands of beautiful spots in the UK that I simply haven’t ever had the motivation to visit, and being in Australia has made me realise that there are spots like this everywhere that are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. These experiences in Australia have given me that realisation, that there is much more to do on weekends and holidays than getting pissed in a bar- I’d much rather be getting pissed on top of a mountain!


Thank you for reading!

Goodbye and love the place you live (and the people)

SC: jamesinaus

IG: malzjames


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