I used to work in an office where I didn’t even have a window. I absolutely hated it, and to be honest even if I did have a window, all I would have to look at was cars and vans running up and down an industrial state in Essex. I can’t even count the amount of times that I Googled snorkelling, scuba diving, islands off the coast of Australia and places I could see all of the amazing wildlife I’d never seen before- I hovered over the “confirm booking” button more than a few times, but reality always took control and I clicked cancel instead.

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef was a big moment for me and was probably one of the first times in my life that I really felt like I’d truly lived a moment that I’d been dreaming of for years. There are some moments that are planned and striven for, and others that sort of pop up out of nowhere. Moreton Island popped up out of nowhere for me. A few days ago a good friend invited me along with her and her friends for a boat trip out to Moreton Island, and today we took the ‘Ginja Ninja’ across Moreton Bay to a beautiful part of Australia, just east of Brisbane.


The island lies just north of Stradbroke Island and took about 50 minutes from our set-off point in Cleveland. The boat ride was awesome, but it was made even cooler by the fact that the owner spent eighteen months building it himself. Once you get to the island, the first thing you notice is the amount of boats that are anchored by the shore. These range from small paddle boats and kayaks and finish at boats bordering on yachts. The next thing you notice is the shipwrecks that sit about one hundred metres from the beach, known as the Tangalooma wrecks these vessels were deliberately sunk in order to create a break wall. This then attracted marine life and created a reef just offshore, with starfish, lionfish, stingrays, sharks and coral all on show as well as the awesome wreckage that makes it the perfect spot for snorkelers and divers.


Not only was the wreckage and the wildlife cool, the beaches are also paradisaical. White sands, steep dunes and crystal clear water makes this a perfect little spot to get away from the city of Brisbane. If I was going to live anywhere in Australia long-term, I would probably pick Brisbane anyway, but this spot is just another incredible reason why Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales are two of the best places to live in the world. Only here can you get the city-life and the peace of paradise within an hour of each other.

As I’ve just got back home, I’m pretty tired- especially as the current was pretty strong and swimming across it is knackering. So for now this is going to be short and sweet. I still have a few more catch-up blog posts to do about Skydiving and Crystal Castle so look out for those soon. Also, for those who have me on Facebook, you’ll know that I’m going to NZ next month which I’m buzzing for, so while you won’t hear from me for about two weeks, you’re probably going to get another two weeks of blog posts day after day after that! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Goodbye and get wrecked.

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