Springbrook: Twin Falls

On Monday I travelled up to Springbrook National Park to explore the incredible waterfalls that decorate one of Northern Rivers’ most stunning natural landscapes. Having been to the Natural Bridge late last year, I was keen to return to Springbrook to explore more paradisaical spots that’ll ensure I have even more to miss about Australia when I leave- as if I didn’t have enough already. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with views and especially waterfalls. Natural Bridge, Currumbin Valley, Kilen Falls and Moran Falls are just a few of the incredible places that I’ve found on my travels around Northern NSW, but my addiction needed a refuel and Twin Falls has skyrocketed its way to the top of my list of favourite waterfalls.

Starting from the top of the Canyon Lookout couldn’t be more perfect. The views allow you to see from Surfer’s Paradise all the way down the Gold Coast toward Byron Bay with Scenic Rim joining the Pacific Ocean in the distance.


After feasting your eyes and absorbing the views in the chilly air, we started our descent along the 4km walking track. As steep as the track is, it is an easy walk for most people with nothing too challenging in your way- the walking track is wide enough to fit two abreast for the most part with plenty of railings and lookout points along the way. One of the first major spots you’ll reach is the top of Twin Falls, where the water is as clean and as fresh as you are going to get, so if you’re running low on water, then fill your bottle up here.


If you work your way through the bush (this requires a bit more climbing, ducking, dodging and tiptoeing over step stones), then you’ll find some wonderful, quiet spots to sit and take a moment. It is so devoid of background noise here that all you can hear is the water trickling and the birds in the background, and if you are into meditation or just need a place to clear your thoughts- then this is the perfect place.


As the slope steepens, you will see more waterfalls trickling down the edge of cliff tops and the path becomes slightly narrower, room enough for one person at a time with spaces to let other hikers pass from time to time. Then, just before Twin Falls, the road branches off and reaches a small cave area where you can take a walk up a smaller waterfall and sit there as casually as you like next to the tiny rock pool that sits at the bottom. This one actually looked man-made it was so perfectly crafted, as if some Zen Monk had spent his life carving it with his bare hands, but no, this is just nature at its absolute finest.


After the teasers, we get to the main course and damn was I in awe of this place. Twin Falls is the type of place that would be overrun with tourists in summer, but fortunately we went up on a Monday morning.


The place was serene. Two great pillars of spray thundered down into the a pool of water so clear you could see the bottom. The cliffs were grey and rugged, perfectly colour coordinated with the greenery and white water. There was even more colour in the rock pool itself, as we spotted this little guy chilling and hunting for some grub.


As always, I don’t need much of an excuse to get my kit off, but when it comes to sitting under a waterfall, I was braver than the Aussies who couldn’t deal with the icy cold freshwater. I feel like Australia has made me slightly braver (still not brave enough to fully immerse myself in the freezing cold pool of water mind), which is only a good thing. There is so much to explore and so much excitement in me whenever I go to these places that any fear I have is completely ripped away by the adrenaline. Yes, I get far too excited over waterfalls.


After drying off, we headed back up the circuit until we reached the top of another waterfall- this one I don’t know the name of because I am a terrible blogger, but holy shit this place was on-par with Moran Falls, which is probably my favourite spot in the country. I took the usual “introspective guy looking over a mountain range” photo, but I was genuinely sitting there taking in everything. These moments are rare when we consider how much of our time is spent doing daily mundane activities, so to add another one of these to an ever-growing list of awesome stuff I can say I’ve done is really special.


There are only so many words in my vocabulary that I can use to describe these scenes, so I’m going to let you make up your own minds of what words to do. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I’ll post a few more when I go back, which is inevitable because when I go back I’m going to jump on the 17km circuit as soon as I can- wish me luck! Before I go, enjoy this bonus view from the “Best of All Lookout” further up the mountains.


Thanks for reading!

Goodbye and carry on through it all.

SC: jamesinaus

IG: malzjames


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