New Zealand Tour: The Journey Home



And so it was, the tour was coming to its end. Writing it as I have, over the course of the same time that I was away, has made the trip seem a lot shorter than it felt. Usually it goes far too quickly, and of course I would have spent much more time there, but short and sweet is sometimes the best way to appreciate something special. This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and every moment was worth a lifetime of memories.

As we left Franz Josef, there was a sense of tiredness as we made our way towards Greymouth to catch the 13:05 TranzAlpine express to Christchurch to finish where we started our trip. This wasn’t just any train journey… this was a tour through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. We’d already been spoiled from seeing most of the South Island, but I suppose another three hours in fantasy land wasn’t going to hurt.

In truth, although we saw a lot of pretty cool stuff on the train, I’ve never been a big fan of taking pictures with a window as a barrier, what’s more, my phone was still bloody broken! Anywho, the only picture we managed to get were of me sleeping (which will not see the light of day, I can tell you now), and this picture of Chloe realising that I am a Spotify Nostalgia Playlist Genius™.


It was a fun journey. We did what we did best and drank, spilled champagne over ourselves, and played cards. It was a fitting way to end our trip. We got back to Christchurch, braved the freezing cold weather to go and get a takeaway and warmed up at Haka Lodge, saying goodbyes and promising that we’ll meet up again when we can. We all went to bed expecting a good night’s sleep before we all flew home…


…That was until Felix the fucking Foghorn walked into our lives. Yes, the only other person staying at Haka Lodge who wasn’t on our tour turned out to be a sixty-year-old snoring machine who I can only imagine swallowed an entire live warthog before he went to bed, because that is legit the only excuse I can think of for a human being to be making the noises he was making.

The WhatsApp group was lighting up as everybody struggled to sleep to the “Sounds of the Farmyard” soundtrack. Fortunately, we all ended up getting some rest and inadvertently passed a NASA exam of being able to handle levels of sound over 100 decibels.

The next morning the remaining members of the South Island Family went for breakfast and enjoyed another sesh of one of the staples of our trip; The IT Crowd. We hugged, departed and laughed as we decided we would all meet up again sometime soon. And by soon, we didn’t exactly know when, but as we all have this weekend off, well it would be rude not to really wouldn’t it?

Seeing as I fucking love Melbourne and have been meaning to go back, I’ll be flying out tomorrow to take on one of my favourite cities once more. The South Island Family will be reunited and I can only imagine the disgusting levels of drunk I will be getting before I come back on Sunday.

I’m not a fan of long goodbyes, so I really hope you’ve enjoyed this blog adventure. In terms of the overall JamesInAustralia blog, there isn’t long left. I only have a couple of months left, so as sad as it is, I’m glad I’ve kept this going throughout the year, albeit with a slight break in the middle, which was always bound to happen. I’ll blog a few more times before I call it a day, but this will be the last big blast of blogging. Again, I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, and there’s no doubt I’ll be looking back at these posts when I’m feeling nostalgic.

Thanks for reading!

Goodbye and don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened.

IG: malzjames

SC: jamesinaus


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